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Mineral Makeup, Natural Makeup & Vegetarian approved Makeup

Sam Pure Minerals offers premium quality natural mineral makeup without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol and animal products, plus we are cruelty free! We offer a complete range of mineral cosmetics for your face, eyes and lips. Our Mineral powders are made from 100% pure crushed minerals.

The benefits of mineral makeup are amazing for all skin types and all ages, here are just a few: Weightless- mineral makeup provides complete coverage but feels as you have nothing on you skin. High Content of Zinc oxide - mineral makeup provides natural sun protection SPF15 and anti inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup will not block pores and lets skin breath, so now you can pamper yourself while being good to your skin.

Award Winning Mineral Foundation

Our mineral foundation uses only the finest natural ingredients to achieve outstanding long lasting results giving a smooth, healthy, radiant glow. Mineral foundation reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections and is ultra gentle making it ideal for acne prone and sensitive skin.

Our mineral foundation gives great long lasting results and will not streak or sweat off in the heat making it perfect for hot and cold climates.